Faysal Matin (phay · zuhl ma · teh), n., [ME. faysal matin, fr. OE faysal matin] A creative director based in New York that specializes in 1. graphic identities, 2. poster designs, 3. photography, 4. music production, 5. invitations, & 6. editorial designs. Selected clients include: Adidas, Under Armour, Hewlett-Packard, Endeavor (IMG-WME), Annex 88, North Face, Opening Ceremony, Vans, Office Magazine, Hotel Garuda, Alina Baraz and Moving Castle.


1. graphic identities


A main source of inspiration for the project came from Warp Records’ visual aesthetic from the early ‘90s with electronic musicians such as LFO and Aphex Twin (as well as his many other monikers).

Additionally, R.E.M.’s 1995 Monster album promo campaign served as a great source of typographic inspiration and layout.

Unison is a radio broadcasting platform that seeks to document interviews with creatives, highlight references, exhibit installations and curate music.

unison logo with circles and perforated lines.jpg

Promo Campaign

unison episode 001 poster.jpg
unison episode 001 poster variation.jpg
unison promo posters 11x17 grey logo.jpg
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Kind Regards

A main source of inspiration for the project was the book titled “Be Here Now,” by Ram Dass published in 1971. The layout, type and imagery helped form the new visual language.

”The book is a feat of non-mechanical text arrangement, composed almost entirely with hand-stamped rubber type, often intertwined with elaborate illustrations to create a unique style of concrete literature. It was originally published as a box set containing several separate items in a limited edition, but has sold more than 2 million copies in a paperback format that combines all the content in one binding.” -Nick Sherman

Kind Regards is a bi-level bar located in New York’s Lower East Side. The atmosphere is lively and brings in youthful energy through a diverse crowd.

They approached me to create a new and cohesive visual identity that reflects a contemporary and minimal take on 1970’s design.



kind regards typefaces.jpg

Menu Design

kind regards pink menu front render.jpg
kind regards pink menu render.jpg