OFM, n., (The Office of Faysal Matin), is a research and design studio practice based in New York. OFM specializes in developing 1. graphic identities, 2. poster designs, 3. photography, 4. music production, 5. invitations, & 6. editorial designs.

Selected clients include: Adidas, Under Armour, Hewlett-Packard, Endeavor (IMG-WME), Annex 88, Kaytranada, North Face, Opening Ceremony, Vans, Office Magazine, Hotel Garuda, Alina Baraz, Lucien Smith, and Moving Castle

For all inquiries please contact: info@faysalmatin.com


2. poster designs

b5 chirashi poster for quiet luke.jpg
quiet luke poster a3 idea updated w poster texture.jpg
kind regards invite.jpg
new resonance poster july 2019 26.jpg
kind regards post format poster just blaze.jpg
kind regards colby poster updated.jpg
kaytra instagram story yellow.jpg
kaytra instagram story lovebox after party purple and green.jpg
kaytra instagram story portrait bw.jpg
summer 19 kaytra colby alt frankline cond bw updatedd.jpg
kaytra for instagram.jpg
prince poster copy.jpg
btstu flyer jai paul.jpg
unison promo posters 11x17 grey logo.jpg
NORTH FACE POSTER 04 15 minimal render purple.jpg
NORTH FACE POSTER 04 15 render.jpg
resonance poster 3 15.jpg
joshua olley poster textured.jpg
womens day poster by faysal matin.jpg
unison poster feb 19 19 black.jpg
resonance poster feb 15 ALTERNATE.jpg
kind regards resonance jan 29.jpg
core division poster xeroxed effect.jpg
kind regards jan 8 poster copy 3.jpg
kind regards jan 4.jpg
chordaes new poster feb holo texturized copy.jpg
kind regards new poster design dec 29 prince.jpg
kind regards new poster design 28 w texture.jpg
hotel garuda new poster with added dates.jpg
kind regards haw lin inspired alt 2 12 14.jpg
kind regards new poster dec 11.jpg
ponyboy halloween poster.jpg
kind regards sep 28 chic inspired cover art.jpg
richie better poster w texture photocopy helvetica english towne inverted c.jpg
gnar flyer.jpg
chordaes poster blue updated.jpg
giacometti poster updated.jpg